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15 Priory Street

York, YO1 6ET


Monday to Friday

8.30am to 5.30pm


Places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds are currently available - contact us to book a place.


Read our Ofsted report - we're rated Good in all areas


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Playing with plastic ducks

Our nursery is run from one self- contained room where all children spend their day. We ensure that we provide appropriate care for each age group.

All of the children have access to the outdoor play area and we offer free flow access to the outdoors as much as we can. This allows children to make their own decision as to whether they want to play and learn in the indoor or outdoor environments.


Babies: 0 – 2 years

We have a specific key worker who cares for the children under two years old. Everything our key worker does with the under twos has been specifically planned for them to encourage their growth and development.

We have a designated area for under twos with a snuggly corner at their level so they can come and go as they wish and treasure baskets full of interesting things to ignite their curiosity and imagination.

They can also socialize with siblings and the older children. All the under twos eat with the other children at the table on secure little chairs so they are safe and able to socialize.


Toddlers: 2-3 years


Our spacious room is ideal for this age, they have the freedom to develop their independence and establish relationships with other children.

Our children have access to lots of messy and creative play to keep their minds and fingers busy and there are lots of opportunities for imaginative and physical play. Our dedicated workers who specialize in this age can support children through toilet training and have lots of ideas that you can use at home to help your child become more independent.


Pre school: 3-5 years


Our key workers encourage independence so that your child is ready for school, is able to ask for help and work together with other children and adults.


Children have access to lots of activities that encourage reading and writing as well as counting and numeracy skills. The children serve themselves at lunch time and help to look after each other and their environment.



Settling in

We offer settling in sessions to allow you and your child time to get to know the staff and nursery environment at your own pace. We recommend at least two visits before your child starts nursery. However, we offer as many as is needed for you and your child to feel happy and confident.

Throughout your child’s settling in period and first few weeks we  let you know how they have settled and what they have been doing. You can be involved as much as you like during this time.



The three-week menu has been designed in line with the government’s ‘Eat Better, Start Better’ guidelines and with suggestions from our children and their families. See a sample weekly menu.

All meals and snacks are freshly prepared on the premises.

10am         Morning snack

12pm         Two course lunch

3pm           Afternoon snack

We can cater for special dietary requirements and we do everything we can to meet each child’s individual needs.