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15 Priory Street

York, YO1 6ET


Monday to Friday

8.30am to 5.30pm


Places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds are currently available - contact us to book a place.


Read our Ofsted report - we're rated Good in all areas


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An Ofsted inspector visited Priory Street Nursery on 27 November 2014. The report rated Priory Street Nursery good on all aspects. Some of the comments in the report included: 

  • "Children are happy, settled and content within their surroundings."
  • "... [staff] good quality practice helps children to make continually good progress in their learning and development."
  • "Staff are very aware of their safeguarding responsibilities to keep children safe. ... [they] maintain a safe environment through risk assessments and good supervision."
  • "... children are well supported in their learning at home and are well prepared for starting school."
  • "The quality of teaching is good as staff know children well and follow their individual needs and interests ..."
  • "Children are engaged and enthusiastic learners"
  • "Staff skilfully question children to encourage them to critically think, therefore developing their communication and language skills."
  • "Parents feel informed about the children's learning and development and feel their views are valued by staff."
  • "Parents receive daily feedback about their child's well-being and achievements and staff work closely with the parents to ensure that their child's individual needs are sufficiently met."
  • "Children are warmly welcomed into this bright and friendly nursery, where their individual learning and development needs are well met."
  • "Children smile and laugh freely and talk to the staff openly about their experiences. As a result, children are comfortable and content. Relationships with local schools are established, which effectively supports children for the next stage of learning and ensures they are emotionally prepared for change."
  • Parents commented that 'staff are very supported and thLooking at the giant snails in the nurseryat they help them to feel involved.'
  • "The nursery is a well-resourced and welcoming environment, both inside and outdoors."
  • "... staff support children's learning well through continuous play provision and purposeful interactions."

 You can read the full report by following the link on the left.